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              Suzhou Hongyangyu Mould Co.,Ltd.
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              Suzhou Hongyangyu Mould Co.,Ltd.

              Suzhou Hongyangyu Mould Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing various automotive interior decoration mould, checking fixtures, water jet fixtures, assembly fixtures, industrial automatic equipment such as for the interior part head lining, carpet, luggage, trunk side, engine hood insulator...
              Reliable Quality Complete Variety
              Suzhou Hongyangyu Mould Co.,Ltd. advocate ”Zeron Defect” and “ Make Things Correct at First Time” to manage the production quality based on the standards seriously.
              Reasonable Price Delivery Timely

              According to our customer requirement, we develop and design our products to provide the reliable quality and effective service.

              Effective Service
              "Continuous Innovation and Quick Response"is our core value. We insist on providing the ensured quality based on our supported equipment, technical, row material for our customer, and keep serious line with ISO
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